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Free-Range Farming At Its Best

Grass-Fed, Free-Range Beef, Pork & Wild Boar in Whitehorse

One of the reasons we started Horse Haven Ranch was to offer health-conscious consumers an alternative to mass-produced meat. Our team includes experienced, compassionate farmers and ranchers who put the health and safety of the consumer and the well-being and happiness of the animals first.

Horse Haven Ranch is proud to supply The Yukon Meat Co with free-range meats including grass-fed beef, pork, and wild boar. All of our animals are ethically raised.

Our animals live happy and healthy lives, allowing us to provide products that are:

Free Range



Ethically Raised

Grower hormone-free

Grass fed


Visit The Yukon Meat Co to view their online store for easy and convenient ordering!


Our beef is grass fed, and free range. From May to October our animals live on grass pasture with abundant fresh water and are free to roam on our 500 fenced acres. They are given hay and silage from our own ranch in the winter months.


The average side of pork will weigh between 90 - 130 lbs. All pork is government inspected so there is a government processing fee added to the price.


The average side of wild boar will weigh between 60 - 90 lbs.  All wild boar meat is government inspected, so there is a government processing fee added to the price.


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