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Free-Range Farming At Its Best

Learn More About Horse Haven Ranch

The creation of Horse Haven Ranch got its start in 1993 with Dev and Louise Hurlburt's family St. Bernard dog breeding operation, an activity that continues today. After adding additional acreage Dev and Louise started to raise livestock in an effort to produce healthful, hormone-free meats for their family. As the years passed they bought more land and expanded their operations to produce additional meat to supply friends, neighbours, and eventually the general public. During the same time period Dev and Louise began boarding rescue horses until a good home could be found for them. This led to our offering horse boarding services to the general public, a continuing part of our business today. 

Horse Haven Ranch was formally established as a business in 2012. Operating a farm can be a challenge in the north with its limited growing season and sometimes harsh weather conditions, but we are determined to succeed. Our goal is to not only provide our customers with the best and healthiest livestock available, but also to educate them about the benefits of free-range meats and make them aware that it is possible to produce quality meats in the Yukon.




Free Range



Ethically Raised

Grower hormone-free

Grass fed

On our farm, our animals have healthy and happy lives with adequate roaming space. 

Horse Haven Ranch is situated in the beautiful Ibex Valley at km 1457 Alaska Highway, just west of Whitehorse. 

Our mission is to contribute to our community and provide a local Yukon livestock source for healthy, sustainable beef, domestic pork and wild boar, and to raise high quality hay. We also provide horse boarding and farm equipment rental. Give us a call, send an email, or stop by our farm to learn more or to take advantage of the services we offer.

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