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Free-Range Farming At Its Best

Livestock Breeding Services in Whitehorse for Pigs & Cattle

Are you looking to expand your farming operations and increase your production of pork and beef? Horse Haven Ranch can help you get off to a good start. We offer livestock breeding services in Whitehorse and surrounding areas of Yukon Territory for pigs and cattle, as well as sales of young steers and wiener pigs. 

Our breeding pigs are hardy, well-muscled, and genetically selected to thrive even in harsh weather environments.

The young breeding cattle we offer for sale are likewise selected for traits such as docility and fertility, ease of maintenance, and the capacity to excel in a grass-fed program. All of the adult cattle we offer for sale are vaccinated annually and the calves are vaccinated and wormed when they are weaned. Whether you have a grass-fed program or a conventional program, our cattle will work for you.

Please contact us for pricing information and stock availability, or to discuss your specific needs.


Get your herds off to a good start with healthy breeding stock.

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