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Free-Range Farming At Its Best

Locally-Grown Horse & Cattle Feeds in Whitehorse

As anyone who has ever spent any amount of time here can attest, we have a very short growing season in the Yukon, and conditions such as a harsh climate and marginal soil conditions don't help a bit. The team at Horse Haven Ranch works very closely with agricultural specialists to attain maximum growth, a superior quality of animal feed, and sustainable production of the land. It is very difficult to achieve all three of these goals; however, because the growing season is so short control is very important, so we make the extra effort and consult with professional agronomists regarding matters such as soil testing, adding any needed nutrients or fertilizers to the soil, and proper irrigation methods in order to balance our objectives.

Horse Haven Ranch offers locally-grown, horse and cattle feeds in Whitehorse and provides free delivery (some conditions apply). The types of animal feeds we offer include:

  • Hay: We sell our timothy/brome hay by round and small square bales.

  • Round: Call for Price

  • Square: Call for Price

We also offer oat silage and straw square bales. Please contact us to share any questions you have or to place an order.


Hay, oat silage, and straw keep your livestock healthy and strong.

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