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We offer unsurpassed farm services, quality animal feeds, we supply free-range, grass-fed livestock, and we grow our own hay.


Free-Range Farming At Its Best

Horse Haven Ranch: Free-Range Livestock & More in Whitehorse

Horse Have Ranch is a working ranch offering a variety of services, including custom farming and livestock services, horse boarding, and animal feed in Whitehorse and surrounding areas of the Yukon. 

Ours is a mixed farm: Originally started as a St. Bernard dog breeding operation, today we breed and raise purebred miniature Herefords and wild boars for meat and also sell breeding stock. Other operations include sales of irrigated hay in round and square bales, wrapped oat bales, and small square bales of straw. We have farm machinery and other equipment to rent, we do custom farming on local fields, and we provide short and long term boarding services for horses and cattle. Custom hauling is available, as well.


Visit The Yukon Meat Company for Meat Products That Are:

Free Range


Grower hormone-free


Grass fed

Ethically Raised

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We provide our livestock with healthy lives to ensure delicious meats.


We are proud to provide some of our animals to The Yukon Meat Co! The Yukon Meat Co only purchases the highest quality animals that are 100% born and raised in the Yukon. We are proud to be a partner of The Yukon Meat Co, as other meat producers import the young animals, raise them for the summer and then slaughter them in the fall, but those animals are not born in the Yukon and the animals' parents are not from the Yukon. 

Horse Haven Ranch provides livestock only from animals of proven genetic quality. 


No one else in the Yukon offers so many different services in one convenient location. We are also the only place in the Whitehorse area that rents farm equipment all year round. Browse our website to learn more about the services we offer and then contact us with any questions you might have or to place an order.

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